People have made names for themselves with blogs so I am going to take a stab at it too. This is my commentary, my reflection, and my thoughts on certain news topics that made headlines, touched hearts, or just pissed people off. This blog will be opinionated, maybe a little bias, and hopefully entertaining because at the end of the day I would love to keep my audience. This is all suppose to flow together, killing two birds with one stone; stay informed and be entertained after all the entertainment part is what really matters right?

Numerous people have asked me how exactly will I determine if a certain article is important enough to be posted; my answer to that is if it may effect my audience then its important. Sure we all want to laugh and smile as we scroll through the numerous pages on facebook but we also need to know if there is a categories 5 hurricane name BIG PAPA and may potentially displace thousands of people or where our current economy stands, maybe even who we are placing in office. These topics as well as numerous others interconnect and can potentially hit home with many of us.

The entertaining part is this blog, for those who may know me know that my passion on certain topics can be entertaining in its self, my mix up with words and body language is an expression of enthusiasm but seriousness. Where I have come from, what I have experienced, and how I live my life is not like yours, therefore, I look forward to heated, but educated and respectful discussions; inspiring comments and thoughtful reflections. This is MY blog but I leave it open to YOU all so that you can take a step into my world, hear me out, see my reflection, because this is  something YOU MAY WANNA KNOW!!!

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